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Customizable Drinkware!

Whether you want a coffee mug with your mascot on it or a water bottle that says "North Shore Lions", we can take care of it.

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Jack Link's Beef Jerky!

Who doesn't like Beef Jerky? As a USDA Smart Snack fundraiser, you can't go wrong with a brand as recognizable as Jack Link's.

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Snacks Galore!

Want more options? Run a Snacks fundraiser and offer a huge variety of snacks, from gummy bears and chocolate to nuts and popcorn.

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Fundraisers for school bands only!

At Band Fundraisers, we've been in the fundraising business since the 1990s. We're confident we're the best at what we do, and we would love to prove it to you.

With a huge variety of fundraisers beyond what's listed on this site, we have something for everyone. Cups, chocolate, cookie dough, or something else - we've got it all!

With our experience, track record of consistent success, and fundraising options, we know that no matter what your school band's funding need is, we will get you where you deserve to be.

Let's make it happen.

Blue Backpack on a Bench


Thanks for being easy to work with. We gave the fundraising opportunity to all of our students and most students were able to go to the competition with no money out of pocket. I definitely recommend this fundraiser.

Linda, Booster Club President

The popcorn order taker program made us $6000 in profit with 90 participants. The fundraiser was well organized. Customer service was awesome. Our order arrived quickly and was packed by students. Very easy program to run. I highly recommend this fundraiser company.

Brad, Texas High School Teacher

This company always answers the phone and I can talk directly to person. We love our sales rep, Larry. Great customer service! Keep it up.

Mr. Worthy, Texas High School Teacher

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